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CASAW aims to sustain and increase its identity as the UK’s premier centre for excellence in research on the Arab World, and in particular to bring research and knowledge of the Arab World in transition to a broad stakeholder via innovative dissemination strategies.

The current CASAW funding phase has ten research networks across the three CASAW universities, Edinburgh, Durham and Manchester. All the research networks are centred around topical and urgent themes which will engage policy makers, journalists and other professionals working in the region to improve understandings of the Arab region amongst key stakeholders as well as the wider public. Topics vary from analysing the contemporary Arab world, from cultural religious and historical perspectives, to more historical concerns dealing with the 19th and 20th centuries, World War One, medieval Islam and early Islam.


The University of Edinburgh



Leader: Dr Andrew Marsham, University of Edinburgh



Leader: Dr Anthony Gorman, University of Edinburgh



Leader: Dr Nacim Pak-Shiraz, University of Edinburgh



Leaders: Prof. Marilyn Booth, University of Edinburgh


Durham University



Leader: Prof. James Piscatori, Durham University



Leader: Prof. Clive Jones, Durham University



Leader: Prof. Anoush Ehteshami, Durham University


The University of Manchester



Leader: Prof. Zahia Smail Salhi, University of Manchester



Leader: Dr Oliver Bast, University of Manchester



Leader: Dr Youssef M. Choueiri, University of Manchester

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