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The Making of the New Silk Road

Leader: Prof. Anoush Ehteshami, Durham University

Previous funding has enabled us to explore the historical roots and current configuration of the Asianisation of the Middle East. Further funding for two years is being sought for the mapping of Asianisation as it has begun to manifest itself in the making of the so-called new silk road running between the eastern and the western edges of this vast continent. The project, working in partnership with institutions and individuals from the concerned countries stretching from Istanbul to Shanghai, aims to examine in some detail the historical, cultural, socio-economic and political underpinnings of the new silk road; the drivers of the project today, its beneficiaries, and the wider regional and local impact of the growth of the new silk road. How durable will the new silk road be, and what might be its longer term legacy? Also, Which countries are affected, to what extent, and in what ways, will be the key questions being asked.

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