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Lateral Cosmopolitanism

Leader: Prof. Marilyn Booth, University of Edinburgh

Lateral Cosmopolitanism and the Circulation of Translations in the Late 19th-Century Middle East

The network will investigate how circulations of key texts and their translations facilitated and perhaps deterred conversations around key issues such as women’s rights and masculinity/femininity, identity and personal autonomy, national efficacy and ‘self-help’.

The network will apply the concept of ‘lateral cosmopolitanism’ through a close focus on text production and dissemination during the late 19th Century, a key moment for the crystallisation of idealogical outlooks and political activisms that continue to dominate in today’s Middle East.

In addition to academics, we will also work with non-academic groups such as Women for Women’s Human Rights in Turkey and the Women and Memory Forum in Egypt, as well as with PEN Scotland.

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