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Male Bodies and Masculinities in the Middle East

Leader: Dr Nacim Pak-Shiraz, University of Edinburgh

Research Assistant (Internship: June 2014 – March 2015) – Ms Stephanie Wiseman

Much of the research on gender in the Middle East has thus far focused on the female body, particularly the issue of veiling. Very little attention has been given to the male body and masculinity. The very term ‘masculinity’, in the way it is understood in academia, is a relatively new concept in Middle Eastern countries where traditional ideas of ‘manhood’ largely dominate the expectations of men. Through our comparative study we aim to address these various constructions and demands and also trace their changing trends across the different contexts.

This research network aims to bring together scholars from various disciplines and institutions, filmmakers, and artists, to study the gendered construction of men in Middle Eastern societies. It will focus specifically on the construction of Middle Eastern masculinities in art, film and literature.

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