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People Power & State Power

Religious and Political Dialogue in the Middle East

  • Leaders: Dr Ewan Stein (Edinburgh University) and Dr Frédéric Volpi (St. Andrews University)
  • This network represented the development of activities of two existing networks funded by  BRISMES and the British Academy since 2007: Domination, Expression and Liberation in the Middle East, directed by Dr Frédéric Volpi (St. Andrews) and Resistance, Representation and Identity directed by Dr Ewan Stein (Edinburgh); both organised workshops notable for the complementarity of disciplinary approaches.

    The CASAW network brought established scholars and new academic voices together with the policy community and general public to foster and disseminate groundbreaking research on the contemporary Middle East.  Network events brought together scholars and practitioners from the Middle East, as well as Europe and elsewhere, to examine the interrelationships between the religious and the political in light of current social and political changes in the region. The network addressed key global and regional policy issues emerging from the ‘Arab Spring’, particularly political Islam and its relation to state power.

    The Network Report, published June 2014, entitled “Islamism and the Arab Uprising” is available here to view online:
    Islamism and the Arab Uprisings – June 2014

    To view other reports for this network, please visit our Reports page.

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